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Professional Fees

We all run our businesses finances differently, some of us keep really good records, some of us not so good – this can affect what a business or individual has to pay at the end of the year… but to give you an honest and typical idea – take a look at our prices below dependent on your trading status: -

And remember:

Service example Minimum
Accounts and Tax Return - Non VAT registered sole traders
Accounts and Tax Return - VAT registered sole trader upto 100k turnover
Accounts and Tax Return - VAT registered sole trader turnover above 100k but below 250k
Sub contractor Tax Return (CIS, non VAT registered)
Partnership Accounts and Tax Return (Non VAT - 2 partners) includes individual Tax Returns for partners
Partnership Accounts and Tax Return (VAT reg, 2 partners upto 120k) includes individual Tax Returns for partners
Limited company Statutory and Abbreviated Accounts, Corporation Tax - non VAT with 1 director 
*Includes RTI PAYE service
Limited company, Statutory and Abbreviated Accounts - VAT registered with 1 director
*Includes RTI PAYE service

These fees include everything you would expect, there are no sneaky extras, and the price is all inclusive, no VAT or other charges are added on.

Perhaps you would like an independent quote on something completely different – email us, and we’ll get back to you with a very good idea on cost. 

We will come and meet you, for free, with no obligation, and leave you with a cost to think about – and if you decide to come onboard with us, just let us know and we’ll even deal with the cross-over from your previous accountant… accountancy services have never been so painless!

Simply, professional services at sensible fees, that’s all there is to it.